What makes a true 5-star hotel pet-friendly?

Your four-legged furry friend is part of the family, you go everywhere together, so why should your upcoming vacation be any different?

Here’s your top 10 list of things to consider when bringing your pet to a luxury hotel:

1. Do airlines like to transport pets in the cabin?

Check with the airline about their pet policy. Not too many airlines are pet-friendly. In case you travel on your own private jet, 1. does not apply.

2. Do the best hotels generally have a pet-friendly attitude?

No! Instead the vast majority of true luxury hotels has a “pets – no thanks” policy.

3. Which hotel types accept pets?

Typically more city than beach hotels accept pets.

4. What is a pet in this context?

A pet in this context can be a dog and in many cases a cat as well. Not sure about other four-legged companions though….

5. Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes, there are! Typically your friend should not exceed 11 kilos / 25 pounds. However, in some hotels dogs of all sizes are welcome.

6. How many pets are allowed per room?

Typically just one but it all depends for example on the room type.

7. Are there any room type restrictions for pets?

Yes, there could be. In some hotels pets are only welcome to stay at the villas or bungalows and not in ordinary rooms or suites.

8. Are pets free to roam the property?

Haha, of course not. They are confined to the guest room. When there is a need to go for a walk they must be leashed in the hotel at all times. The walk itself, of course, has to take place outside of the hotel premises.

9. Do pets stay for free like babies or children up to certain ages?

Some hotels let your friend stay free of charge but they might incur a one-time cleaning fee which can be as high as USD 100. In most cases however, luxury hotels do charge a daily fee which is typically about USD 25 – 60 but can occasionally be up to USD 100.

10. What kind of treats or even luxuries are offered to make and keep our friends happy?

Actually hotels are quite creative when it comes to providing your best friend with a truly memorable experience…..welcome basket with treats and toys, “pet sleeping” card, deluxe bedding, comfy duvet, turndown treat, dog jumper, meal options, mineral water, in-room massage – grooming – pedicure, sitting and walking by hotel staff, outdoor play areas, pet birthday celebrations, in-room photo shoot with a pet photographer, taxi service to a pet spa and even a three-course meal prepared by a Michelin-starred chef!

As a passionate dog lover with two adorable doggies at home, here are my final tips:

1. Check the hotel’s pet policy because every hotel has different rules.

2. Contact the hotel ahead of making a reservation to make sure everyone is on the same page.

3. In case you are granted a “special treatment” with respect to your pet(s) make sure you got this in writing, email will do.

Any pet-related hotel experience you would like to share?

Happy vacation with the entire family!


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