Postcard from…..Singapore!

When you think of Singapore, what comes to mind first?


I just spent three days there and can 100% confirm that notion. Singapore is super clean just like my home country Germany was when I was a kid…well sadly not anymore…

In recent years, Singapore has become – in addition of being one of the premier financial hubs in Asia – a sophisticated entertainment venue.

It already starts when arriving at Changi’s posh Terminal 4 which really blew me away. Sleek, clean, comfy, efficient, uncrowded, friendly staff – soooo impressive and so different!!! Have I mentioned that it took me 15 minutes – you won’t believe this – from touchdown to leaving the airport including immigration and baggage collection?? Not to mention that there is never really a traffic jam in Singapore…the communte to the city is only 20 minutes.

What else?

Singapore is lush and green, beautiful landscaping and greenery everywhere. Driving is very disciplined and cars actually stop for pedestrians. And yes, Singapore is expensive. And very humid all year round.

Luxury hotels?

Surprisingly there are not too many hotels that fall into the absolute luxury category and there is no real wow hotel…really? Well, the iconic and legendary Raffles Singapore (Singapore Sling!!) is just undergoing a thorough top to bottom restoration with the grand reopening planned for the second half of 2018.

The bottom line!

With a population of just about 5.6 million and everything being so clean and organised, Singapore is not your typical Asian city. Despite all the glitzy stuff Singapore has managed to retain some of its colonial old world charm.

Happy travels!